Get the relevant guidance for the sales and managerial functions!

ServiceGanja provides expert customer support and relevant guidance to identify the best practices and optimize the products while making the dispensaries' activities manageable.

Sales management solution

Let Service Ganja make your business better!


Customize the roles and responsibilities of your staff, and track their salaries with the management features. Manage your working staff and their activities within your cannabis dispensary.

Track different locations

Track and manage different locations and access the real-time statistics from different locations to stay up-to-date with the activities going on within dispensaries.


Get instant access to the information that provides insights for running the cannabis dispensary efficiently. Meet all the sales and maintenance requirements of cannabis tracking and integrate it with the reporting system when needed.

Easy To Manage

Get timely updates for low stocks, overstocks, and sold stocks efficiently!

  • Data Import

    Keep everything in one platform to quickly access the data whenever needed. Scan new deliveries into your inventory for fast and accurate information.

  • Staff management

    Set specific authorities and responsibilities for each employee and track their transactional history according to the work they are handling in the dispensary.

  • Promotions and discounts

    Easily add specific deals and change pricing to reflect them in the inventory and sales report. Also, add customizable promotions and discounts to encourage customers to make their purchases with your dispensary.

  • Real-time reporting

    Get real-time reports for sales and inventory with ServiceGanja for maintaining the relevant details regarding purchase orders and sales adjustments.

Boost revenue and productivity

Ensure that business goals are met by monitoring the sales performances and sales resources!

Direct upload to the tracking system

ServiceGanja allows you to accurately upload sales data directly to the tracking system for keeping the records for efficient sales.

ID checking

Accurately checking the customer's ID ensures that your customers are of legal age and are eligible to purchase cannabis.

Robust data tracking

Dispensaries can maintain the inventory sales information and the stock left to track the data and sales trend.

Agile and easy to use software!

Streamline operations while reducing operating costs.

Get the best customer experience!

ServiceGanja is responsive, and an easy to use software that your team needs to delight new and existing customers.

Queue your customers efficiently

No more management of long lines - when you use ServiceGanja as it has the built-in capabilities of managing queues.

Smooth and fast end-to-end experience

ServiceGanja can leave the customers impressed with the seamless and speedy retail shopping experience with fast transactions.

Empower your dispensary sales!

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